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Commercial Floor Cleaning

For your business, keeping all aspects of your office or commercial space looking clean and presentable is extremely important. Not only does it help ensure a sanitary work environment for your employees, but it also reflects directly on you as a business in terms of client perception. Floors are one of the least thought-about aspects of a business’s space, but they’re among the first things a visitor might notice. By keeping on top of your floor cleaning necessities, you’ll be able to project a clean and competent air to anyone who enters your space immediately, while keeping employees proud of the space they work in and improving sanitary conditions overall.

Office Keepers has over 30 years of experience helping Indianapolis businesses keep their floors as clean as possible, ensuring a neat and functional solution to floors of every type. For every different flooring material, a slightly different solution will be required. Luckily, our professional crews have seen it all, and work with the highest quality materials and equipment to deliver an exceptional result.

Hard Surface

While easy to clean with the right equipment, these floors can be quick to lose their luster and appear dirty from regular foot traffic. We have the equipment to clean, buff and wax these floors to make sure they have the right look for your business. We work with you on scheduling, able to provide our services 24/7.

Tile & Grout

Keeping bathroom facilities clean and sanitized is essential to keeping a safe workplace, as well as impressing visitors and keeping employee morale high. From ceramic to porcelain and beyond, we remove debris and keep these floors in top condition, prolonging their functional life while keeping these facilities looking great.


Hardwood floors look beautiful and carry a premium feel for your business, but without regular maintenance, these floors could quickly wear down and eventually require sanding and refinishing to recapture that same look. Our crews know how to handle hardwood, with the right cleaning products and equipment to keep them immune from whatever punishment they may take. If your floor does require re-sanding and refinishing, we’re capable of handling the job and giving you back the floors you want.


Carpet might be able to hide a certain level of dirt and grime initially, but after long enough, they need to be cleaned will be unmistakable through a musty odor and a layer of filth. Not only is this about keeping your space looking and smelling fresh, but dirty carpets are also a sanitary issue with an abundance of unclean particles around employees. We’re able to keep your space in top condition by removing locked-in dirt and grime that has accumulated over time, and restoring your carpets to a functional and beautiful state once again.

The flooring your business uses says a lot about you to visitors, employees and clients alike. Without the right level of cleanliness and preparedness for the jobs that come your way, your space won’t have the look and feel you want. Office Keepers is prepared to handle any commercial cleaning service needs you have, with the right equipment and personnel able to work around your schedule and give you the results you’ll be satisfied with. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we could best meet your commercial floor cleaning needs today.

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