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Office Keepers Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing Cleaning Services

When the floors at your business lose their shine and become dingy, it sends the wrong message not only to visiting clients and customers but also to your employees. Whether it’s hardwood, vinyl tile (also called vinyl composite tile), linoleum, laminate, stone, or ceramic tile. Each type of flooring needs the occasional professional treatment to restore its finish. Office Keepers is your floor cleaning expert to strip and wax any flooring type that needs it. the right approach and the right equipment will seal the floor to prevent damage and increase its durability and longevity. If it’s time to rejuvenate the floors at your business, call us at 317-577-6877 to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment!

Don’t Replace—Rejuvenate! Commercial Floor Cleaning Transformation

Your facility may have multiple flooring systems that include different types of flooring in different areas. Closely examine the floors at your business—what story do they tell your customers and employees? If the story it tells isn’t the image you want for your business, then it’s to bring in professional experts for the kind of cleaning service that restores your flooring to best look possible. Some business owners might look at a floor that’s in bad condition and think it should be replaced, which feels like a big expensive project to take on. But going that far may very well not be necessary and would be waste of time and money. Before you decide to replace, first rejuvenate. You’d be surprised how the right cleaning service that includes stripping, waxing, and polishing can utterly transform the floors you were about to give up on.

Stripping Off the Old to Make Way for the New

When it’s time to rejuvenate the finish on the floors at your facility, the first step in the process is to strip away any remaining wax or sealant that is no longer doing its job. Old wax buildup eventually becomes counterproductive and can actually end up holding more dirt and grime on the flooring as well as reveal scratches and other damage. The more the surface attracts dirt, the more that dirt gets ground in by chairs, foot traffic, and equipment. This becomes a vicious cycle, leading to floors that can eventually look almost unsalvageable. But that is why stripping is an important step in the process of renewing your floors. 

Most people understand that hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, and tile flooring need this professional treatment. But what about laminate flooring? It typically comes with a factory sealant that many think makes it a “no-wax” floor. Over time, however, the wear and tear on a laminate floor will need to be addressed, just like other flooring types. The remaining factory sealant will be stripped away, and new sealant applied. When we strip away the old, it provides a blank slate upon which we can apply the right seal, and after the seal is achieved, then floor wax can be applied.

At Office Keepers, our cleaning staff is provided with all the equipment and quality products needed to make sure your floor gets the right treatment according to flooring type and condition. Without the right equipment, a floor could be more difficult to strip and could wind up causing more harm than good. We apply the stripper to your floor and use the proper equipment to take off layers of wax while also addressing any surface scratches that could interfere with achieving the right look. After stripping a floor surface, we apply a special high-quality sealant to increase the floor’s durability and prevent future damage. This also provides an easy-to-maintain surface that can last for years to come.

Floor Waxing to Renew and Refresh the Flooring at Your Business

After the floors have been properly stripped and sealed, then our expert cleaners are ready to apply multiple layers of wax to result in a thick protective coat with a shine that gives the floors of your facility the look and image you want every customer and every employee to notice. There’s a floor finish that’s right for each type of flooring, and we’ll use the one that will result in the quality shine and protection you need to keep your floors looking fantastic for as long as possible. The end result is a surface with the proper amount of buffer material to protect from dirt, grime, and superficial damage, thereby preserving the floor underneath. With regular waxing and maintenance after this step, you can ensure the floors in your building stay in top condition for years to come, which not only projects a good image for your business but also increases resale value.

Office Keepers of Indianapolis: We do More than Floors!

All of our Indianapolis office cleaning services, including commercial floor stripping and waxing, are carried out with follow-up consultations in mind and are based on your unique service needs and budget. We provide a full range of professional cleaning services beyond floors, including office cleaning, construction/remodeling cleaning, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, industrial office cleaning, window washing, and our new sanitizing surfaces and touchpoints service. We’ll take the time to get to know your business, your needs, and your budget to come up with the right schedule of services at a price we think you’ll find surprisingly affordable. You can request a quote on our website or give us a call directly at 317-577-6877 to schedule an initial free consultation to discuss your professional cleaning needs!

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