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Floor Stripping & Waxing

For any business owner looking to make sure that their business stays looking new, clean and productive for clients and employees who are visiting and working in the business, it’s clear how important a floor that looks good is to the overall effect of a building. A hard floor that’s lost its shine or luster can look dingy and depressing, and at a certain point even start to degrade. Some business owners might look at a floor that’s in bad condition and think it should be replaced, but this step can waste resources and may not be necessary. For any floor that’s become dingy or distressed over the years of use you’ve put it through, this normal wear and tear doesn’t have to mean that the floor has reached the end of its life. With the right steps, it can still look good again.

Whether your flooring is made of wood, stone, vinyl or linoleum, the materials that floors are built from are extremely sturdy and can stand up to decades of use without the need for replacement. There’s no reason to continue letting your floor deteriorate through a lack of proper attention, leading to costly replacement or reduction of resale value down the line. With customized floor stripping and waxing services to Indianapolis-area businesses, Office Keepers can take your floor and restore it to a positive and shining state that can hold up to regular use for years and years to come.

Floor Stripping Services

No matter the type of cleaning services, floors can suffer from buildup of old wax, surface scratches, grime and more, all of which can add up to a dingy and unsightly floor. The more that the surface attracts dirt, the more that dirt is ground in over use by chairs, foot traffic and equipment. This creates a vicious cycle, leading to floors that can eventually look almost unsalvageable. However, Office Keepers’ floor stripping can provide a blank slate again and allow us to begin the process of resealing and waxing the floor surface for an outcome you can trust.

We have the equipment to make sure that your floor is the best taken care of for each material it may be. Without the right equipment, a floor could be more difficult to strip and could leave it in a bad condition. We apply stripper to your floor and use the right equipment to take off layers of wax and grind past any surface scratches that could interfere with a future shining, lustrous service. After stripping a floor surface, we seal it against future damage with a specialized high-quality sealer to prevent future grime from grinding past the wax layer and into the floor. This provides an easy to maintain surface that can last for years to come.

Floor Waxing

Once your floors are stripped and sealed and ready to go, our expert crew is able to bring our waxing equipment in and provide a thick layer of protection, built up from layers of wax, that leaves an unmistakable shine on your floors and allows your business to sparkle from the ground up again. The floor finish that we apply to ensure this high-quality shine and protection can change depending on the type of flooring material as well as client specifications. The end result, however, is a surface that has a proper amount of buffer material to protect from dirt, grime and superficial damage, preserving the floor underneath. With regular waxing and maintenance after this step, you can ensure that your business or building’s floors stay in top condition for years to come, positively impacting the impression that the space gives as well as resale value.

All of our Indianapolis office cleaning services, including floor stripping and waxing, are carried out with follow-up consultations in mind and are based around your unique service needs and budget. We want to be your total cleaning company resource for years to come, and have many services that go beyond floor stripping and waxing alone. We’re willing to put in the time and effort to make the relationship work, with the right rates for you. Contact us today, and let us make your floors shine how they should again.

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