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No matter what size your business is, there’s nothing more important than projecting a clean, productive and welcoming environment, which can be achieved through effective and efficient janitorial services. Office Keepers is an organization of passionate professionals who are dedicated to making sure that all of your janitorial needs are met. A contract with Office Keepers for your Indianapolis business means that you’ll be able to enjoy clean and fully stocked bathrooms, break areas, and work spaces without worrying about the quality or the timeliness of the task. When an office is clean, it’s inviting and pleasant to be in. It means that workers are free to concentrate on their own daily tasks, and clients will be impressed with the quality of your space.

The first thing some may think of when they hear the word “janitor” is school, but that’s a very narrow perception of how widespread and necessary these services are. Janitorial professionals work in all different types of industries and environments, from white collar to industrial and beyond. Office complexes, churches, and many more organizations require help staying clean and on top of messes as they occur each day. If the janitorial service is good enough, workers may not even notice the workers behind the scenes, making spaces spotless and removing garbage from trash cans each day.

The janitorial staff of Office Keepers is a hardworking crew of expert professionals who understand the value of a job done right and work within a customizable schedule to make sure that you and your company or organization receive the services you need to thrive and stay as pleasant a place as possible. Partner with the team at Office Keepers, and these are just a few of the janitorial services that we’ll be able to provide.

Bathroom Cleaning and Stocking

Making sure that your organization has a clean and fully operational bathroom is essential to making sure that your workplace is functioning properly each day. Throughout the day, the professionals at Office Keepers will check your bathroom for cleanliness as well as the presence of paper products including toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Mechanical issues with bathroom items, such as toilet paper dispensers, are also dealt with by our staff.

Additionally, throughout the day, our staff will intermittently work to make sure that surfaces stay clean and dry to promote a positive image as well as for sanitary purposes. From sinks to toilet seats, we make sure that everything stays tidy. Additionally, we develop a sanitation schedule to sweep and mop bathroom floors, as well as provide trash removal services when garbage begins to fill up in the bins.

Window Cleaning

For many offices, providing the best view possible is important for worker morale as well as for impressing clients when they come in and visit. In the interest of keeping your external windows clean and clear from smudges or other dirty marks, Office Keepers provides window cleaning to Indianapolis businesses as often as is requested by our client. From one or two times per week, to potentially even less frequently, we leave everything up to the discretion of our clients and we work with you to find a schedule that works.

For more commonly traveled areas, regular janitorial cleaning can make sure that this glass gets the extra cleaning attention that it needs to stay attractive and sleek within your office. This can be anything from a front door made of full-length glass to a customer service window that sees customer traffic throughout the day. By keeping these windows in top shape, you’re more likely to make a good first impression of your office and by extension, your company.

Trash Removal

Keeping an office environment free from garbage and unpleasant odors means that it’s important to remove garbage regularly. Our janitorial staff can remove trash from your individual offices, break areas, public access areas, and bathrooms as specified by the arrangement laid out between you and Office Keepers.

Office janitorial services are a highly customizable thing, able to change to find what works best for each individual business. We offer 24 hour a day service, to ensure we provide our services while staying as unobtrusive as possible. Call Office Keepers today and get the best janitorial services for your business.

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