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Window Cleaning

As any business owner or manager can attest to, curb appeal is important for any business, and nothing can put a dent in that appeal quicker than dirty windows. Providing the best view possible is important for worker morale, as well as for impressing clients when they come in and visit. In the interest of keeping your external windows clean and clear from smudges or other dirty marks, Office Keepers provides window cleaning services to Indianapolis businesses, all based on client schedules to ensure the highest quality services possible.

Keep Your Windows Shining with Office Keepers

Your office or commercial space is the appearance you project outward to clients, customers and employees alike, and nothing can harm the first impression your business gives off to these audiences faster than having windows that are grimy, filmy, covered in dirt, debris, water spots, finger and hand marks, and more. These dirty elements being a part of your windows can make it difficult for employees to make their best impression on a client or customer, as they will see your surrounding office space as dirtier, dingier and less well-maintained than it actually is. Additionally, employee morale is able to consistently stay at a much higher level at work when those employees are working in an office or building that seems neat, bright and tidy. With window cleaning services, more light is able to shine in and allow employees to feel as if their space is more fulfilling.

However, if your windows are consistently well-maintained and shining for your business throughout the year, it will be much easier to make a positive impression on everyone you want to make an impression upon. Your business will be a shining example of what can happen with the right amount of care and attention to detail, all thanks to the help of Office Keepers. Based in Indianapolis, Office Keepers has decades of experience in window cleaning services in Indianapolis and beyond, and is dedicated to providing the best services to keep our clients satisfied and keep their businesses as clean as possible. We provide services to commercial buildings and high rises, with interior cleaning as a priority as well to set off our window cleaning services and allow you to put your best foot forward to employees and visitors.

Construction Window Cleaning

For construction contractors or business owners in the process of creating a new building or facility, one of the important last steps is maintaining curb appeal throughout the new project with the help of clean and sparkling windows. Not only do the Office Keepers construction cleaning crews ensure all windows are free of smudges and dirt so the building looks as presentable as possible to the outside world, they also provide the best support possible to your construction crew as they work to finish up the job. Window cleaning is one of the last elements of the construction cleanup process, and we’re able to provide a complete array of services to aid in completing the construction cleanup process. Our teams work with you and your team to find a time and schedule that works for you, and leave the windows of your new building in the best possible condition. Both for interior windows and exterior windows, we’re able to get each glass surface incredibly clean and make sure you’re ready for opening day.

Commercial Window Cleaning

The staff at Office Keepers keeps your windows sparkling through our variety of indoor and outdoor cleaning services. Through our total array of services, we’re able to offer a clean and clear view to your building both for visitors and employees viewing your building for the first time on the outside, as well as once they enter the building and are seeing the interior. With the right window cleaning services, you’ll be able to make sure that your windows take on an attractive and glossy appearance, and you’ll be able to let more natural light into your business.

With more light, employees feel happier in their workspaces, and can be more productive for you with a better attitude. Keeping your windows properly cleaned can have a large impact on the way your business functions, and by taking just a small step on a regular basis, Office Keepers will be able to provide that change you want and help to make sure that you have a work force that’s as happy and satisfied as possible. Additionally, for meetings, clients want to feel as if they’re in a clean and productive environment. Having smudges on windows and glass doors can be something that lessens their enthusiasm for your business. Keeping a pristine environment is key to making the best possible impression, and Office Keepers is able to provide that cleaning both inside and out. Our crews are experienced and professional, working around your schedule to make sure that you keep a clean space and make good impressions on those you want to impress.

High Rise Window Cleaning

No matter the height of the building, Office Keepers has the capability to make sure that your office space shines and gleams. From the first floor to the hundred and first, we’re able to consistently help your business maintain its best appearance. Our custom equipment allows us to reach your windows, and our professional cleaning crews know how to clean a window to its maximum possible shine and sparkle.

No matter where in Indianapolis your business is, working with Office Keepers is the right choice. Downtown Indianapolis contains a number of high rises, and we’re able to work with each business or building owner to have the right solution in place. If a building is so high that it’s difficult to see the windows from the ground, it’s easy to think it’s less important to have these windows regularly cleaned to their maximum possible potential. After all, no one will see it, right? That assumption is wrong, however. More than any other type of building, high rises depend on the views they provide and the light they let in. On the outside this may not matter, but on the inside it’s incredibly important that you get crystal clear views to impress clients and keep employees operating at their happiest. Office Keepers works with your business, cleaning on a schedule you provide, and allows you to make sure that your views are always clear and you’re ready to impress clients in Indianapolis at a moment’s notice.


How much does it cost to have my windows professionally cleaned?

Having your windows professionally cleaned by Office Keepers is an important element of your business’s presentability. As we understand the importance of this service, we’re dedicated to working with you to provide the lowest possible rates in order to ensure that you can afford window cleaning services. We offer high quality services and use equipment including specialized cleaning agents and power washers, and our costs are engineered to make sure that you get the maximum value from each service you purchase. Contact us today and see how we can help you at the right rate for your business.

How often should I have my windows cleaned by Office Keepers?

Keeping a regular schedule to maintain your windows is vitally important, as regular debris from outside, dust or grime buildup inside, hand prints and more can all contribute to a less-than-ideal level of cleanliness on your surfaces. We can evaluate the unique needs and condition of your business, and allow you to select from a number of options based on budget and frequency to make sure that you find the best solution. We’re here to work around your business needs, not interfere with them.

How Important are clean windows to my business?

The importance of clean windows to your business can’t be overstated. With the right environment fostered by clean windows and plenty of natural light, you generate a clean and bright impression that works on clients as well as employees. With the right window cleaning services on the inside and outside of your business, you can improve employee morale, increase employee productivity as a result of an improved mood, make a better impression on clients and customers, and project a better impression to those who are viewing your business from the outside. Office Keepers knows the benefits of a clean office, and we’re eager to provide these services to you.

The staff at Office Keepers keeps your windows sparkling, offering a clean and clear view outside and a spotless appearance inside. We work with you to create a schedule, and help
however much we’re needed. Contact us today to learn more about our window cleaning services, and make your business shine.

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