Professional Hood Cleaning Benefits

restaurant hood cleaningReceive a discount when you schedule your carpet cleaning along with your professional hood cleaning!

We understand that restaurant cooking environments are nothing like home cooking environments. The sustained buildup of food debris, grease and heat can quickly become a health and safety issue and requires regular commercial cleaning to keep under control.

Restaurant hoods, situated above grills, are one of the most grease-stricken areas in any kitchen. Without regular cleaning, it can be easy for grease residue to build up, become a health issue, and increase the fire risk in the kitchen. Without proper hood cleaning, you could find yourself in violation of government regulations and face fines.

Professional Cleaning Services

With the hustle and bustle of everyday operations in a restaurant, staff may not have adequate time for deep cleaning certain areas. The hood represents an especially tricky cleaning proposition and can be regarded as a hassle by management and staff alike. To take care of these areas, a commercial cleaning company can make a world of difference.

Office Keepers uses specialized tools including an industrial de-greaser capable of eliminating months of grease buildup, and can deep clean areas including the hood, grill, ductwork and more, all outside of regular business hours.

Better for Insurance and Costs

A clean hood is capable of reducing the risk of a costly fire that causes damage, disrupts operations and incurs insurance costs. With regular commercial cleaning services for restaurant hoods and beyond, managers and owners can reduce their insurance premiums and not have to worry about fires.

We provide professional commercial cleaning services to Indianapolis-area businesses, with prices adjustable to fit any budget. Contact us today, and take advantage of a discount on hood cleaning when you also sign up for carpet cleaning.