The Benefits of Professional Hood Cleaning

restaurant hood cleaningHaving a restaurant hood professionally cleaned on a regular basis is critical for multiple reasons.


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Unlike a home cooking area, a restaurant’s cooking surfaces and walls are subject to long hours of exposure to grease and food debris which can build up and quickly become a problem. Daily cleaning will help reduce this build-up, but a restaurant kitchen often needs more intensive cleaning which requires professional equipment and techniques.

One area that tends to absorb the most grease is located directly above a restaurant’s grill, in the hood area. The hood takes the brunt of daily cooking, easily filling up with grease if not cleaned properly on a regular basis. Over time, this build-up can create a fire hazard, leading many states to enact laws requiring thorough hood cleaning. If an inspection reveals that the hood has not been cleaned to regulations, you could face hefty fines.

Professional Cleaning

Restaurant staff are often busy with the day-to-day operations, leaving little time for deep cleaning areas of the kitchen. For that reason, restaurants often bring in a professional that has experience specific to food preparation areas. Office Keepers uses an industrial grade de-greaser to remove months of built-up debris and grease, leaving the area safe and removing a major fire hazard.

In addition to cleaning the grill, a professional will clean the duct work, also known as “stacks,” and the fans, if they’re accessible. Because the chemicals are heavy-duty, our technician will put plastic over the surrounding area to protect it from any overspray that occurs during the cleaning process. All of this work is done after hours to avoid interfering with business operations.

Insurance and Cost Benefits

In addition to avoiding potential fines, a clean hood can also help reduce the risk of a costly fire in a restaurant. This peace of mind is priceless to many business owners, who can allow managers and workers to run things without worrying about a fire. Your business may also enjoy a reduction in insurance premiums, since proof of regular professional cleaning will prove you are taking safety seriously.

Office Keepers provides cleaning services to office complexes, restaurants, and construction sites throughout the Indianapolis area. Our prices are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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