Construction clean upConstruction builders work hard to get a building ready for potential occupants. Once the hard work is done, however, cleanup is essential to making structures look as presentable as possible.

Our construction cleaning crews specialize in removing debris and cleaning up all remnants of a construction product. This allows construction personnel to move on to the next job site, while a cleaning crew uses its expertise to make the area as attractive as possible.

Debris Cleanup

After a project is complete, the most immediate need is usually debris removal. Our construction cleaning crews can come in upon request at any point during construction to clear debris away. All leftover wood, trash, and other construction remnants will be removed to make way for the next stage of cleaning.

High Dust Removal

The construction process scatters dust throughout a building. Ducts, ceilings, and surfaces not seen by the casual observer are often covered in dust by the time a project is complete. Our construction cleaning crews scour every surface of a construction area, removing dust from pipes and duct work to ensure a clean environment for occupants.

Stain Removal

Surfaces are sometimes soiled during the length of time construction crews are on site. Our crews work to remove all stains and return floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces to like-new condition to make the best possible presentation.

Deep Cleaning

Once all evidence of construction has been removed, our  cleaning crews often begin the next phase of preparing an area for viewing. Using the best tools available today, they clean all areas of a building, from windows to carpets to the insides of cabinets and desks. Cleaners wax and buff floors and sanitize all kitchen and bathroom areas so that when the new tenants arrive, they have a new, clean space to enjoy.

Window Cleaning

Curb appeal is important to any prospective buyer or renter. Our construction cleaning crews ensure all windows are free of smudges and dirt so the building looks as presentable as possible to the outside world. If paint or drywall is present, crews scrape it away before polishing the surface to make it look as clean as possible.

Construction professionals work hard preparing a structure for occupancy. Once that work is done, our construction cleaning crews begin the process of cleaning and sanitizing an area to ensure new occupants enjoy a clean, fresh working environment. By the time we’re finished, a space has that “brand new” appearance future occupants expect.