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Professional Construction Cleaning Services in Carmel, Indiana

A surprising number of businesses and professional offices that have been able to continue operating during the pandemic with employees largely working from home realized it was a good time to go ahead and do significant remodeling projects. When the project is done, however, there is a need for a different kind of commercial cleaning service before the site is fully ready. Office Keepers is ready to provide professional construction clean-up services to the companies of Carmel, Indiana. Call us at 317-577-6877 for a free initial consultation and price quote for our services!

Carmel, Indiana: A Thriving City 

Situated on the northern side of the Indianapolis beltway, Carmel has grown into an impressive city of more than 100,000 people and a thriving economy composed largely of professional business offices for well-known companies such as, NextGear Capital, Allegion, CNO Financial Group, Allied Solutions, MISO Energy, Liberty Mutual, Geico, and Capital Group Companies. Carmel’s Meridian Street corridor has the second-highest concentration of office workers in the entire state of Indiana. And the city has been repeatedly named as one of the best communities in which to live and work in the US over the past decade.

When the Contractors Leave, It’s Time for a Deep Clean

Every contractor ever hired for a remodeling or renovation project promises they’ll clean things up when the project is completed. What this typically means in reality, however, is that they remove all their tools, leftover materials, and perhaps obvious construction debris. When you go in to see the completed project, that’s when it hits you. The crew’s idea of “clean” and your idea of “clean” are not at all the same thing! The project is done, you’re satisfied with the work they did, but the site is far from clean according to your standards for your business and its professional offices. This is when you need a company with deep cleaning expertise you can trust. At Office Keepers, our professional construction cleaning services can include any or all of the following:

Debris Cleanup: Some construction and remodeling crews are better than others when it comes to debris removal from the job site. If they didn’t quite get the job done, we’ll take care of it. In fact, we’ll have to in order to the next stage of construction cleaning. And if you want debris removal services even during the project, we’re happy to do that as well. Just let us know! This can help keep the contractors focused on moving the project forward while we take care of the mess that is made. 

High Dust Removal: You’re likely to notice that a renovation, remodel, or construction project tends to leave a film of dust just about everywhere—even parts of your facility that seem nowhere near the actual work areas. And when we say everywhere we mean it! Desks, chairs, tables, shelves, ceilings, ducts and other out-of-the-way surfaces, are all coated with dust. And that dust can become a serious allergen that affects people who come into the space, including both employees and clients. We have powerful equipment to remove dust from everywhere it is lurking.

Stain Removal: Renovation and construction can be a messy affair. Accidents and spills happen. If you discover stains in your facility, Office Keepers will come to the rescue! Whether it’s walls, floors, or other surfaces, we know how to clean tough stains.

Deep Cleaning: When all the debris is gone and the toughest stains have been addressed, then it’s time for us to the deep clean that really makes everything shine the way you want it to. With the right cleaning materials and equipment, we’ll cover every square inch to make sure the entire space is the cleaner than it’s ever been before. Everything will be washed, sanitized, waxed, and buffed to perfection. 

Window Cleaning: Windows need special attention. They have to sparkle and be smudge-free to have the intended visual effect on every visitor and employee. A dirty window simply won’t do. 

Office Keepers: Your Partner for Professional Cleaning

When Office Keepers is on the job, you know it will be cleaned right. Our professional construction cleaning services are performed by trained expert cleaners who know how to remove dirt, grime, and debris from your project site when the renovation or remodeling project is done. We’ve been serving up superior cleaning services to companies throughout Indianapolis and its surrounding communities for more than 30 years! 

When we meet you for the first time, the goal is for us to gain a thorough understanding of your cleaning needs so we can design a customized cleaning plan to meet those needs at a price point that works for both of us. While a construction cleaning service may be a one-off, we hope you’ll want to work with us in a longer-term relationship based on trust and mutual benefits. When you hire Office Keepers, we don’t think of you as just another customer or client, we think of you and treat you like a partner.

We can handle all your cleaning needs, including janitorial services, while keeping costs reasonable. For a free initial consultation, please fill out the request a quote form or go ahead and give us a call directly to discuss your needs by dialing 317-577-6877. We’re here to help!

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