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Industrial Office Cleaning in Carmel

Industrial Office Cleaning in Carmel Indiana by Indy Office Keepers

Carmel was first laid out in 1837, but it was called Bethlehem in those days. It wasn’t until 1874 when the town was officially incorporated that it was renamed Carmel. No one knew in those days that Carmel would thrive and become a bustling upscale city of nearly 100,000 people often named on lists of best places to live in the US. While the word “industry” is not one that comes readily to mind when describing Carmel, there are plenty of industrial companies situated here, and they all have offices with unique cleaning needs. Indy Office Keepers includes Carmel in its service area to provide the professional industrial office cleaning services Carmel’s companies need. And getting a free quote is only a phone call away at 317-577-6877.

Carmel Industrial Offices Need Industrial-Strength Cleaning Services

Industrial offices by their nature tend to be attached to or located in close proximity to industrial work areas and activities. This means there will naturally be more dirt and grime that gets tracked into the business offices of an industrial company. In other words, keeping industrial offices clean is a much tougher job than cleaning the business offices of companies that are primarily service providers. The good news for Carmel industrial companies is that Indy Office Keepers has decades of experience in keeping industrial offices looking their very best.

There is no reason why your company’s business offices can’t look and be just as clean the offices of other businesses where no industrial kinds of work ever take place. All it takes is a cleaning company with the right experience and expertise – a company like Indy Office Keepers. We’ve been cleaning up in and around Indianapolis for decades, and we’re ready to meet your company’s cleaning needs, no matter how challenging!

Industrial Office Cleaning Services Offered by Indy Office Keepers

When customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, partners, and even your own employees walk through the doors of your industrial company, you want them to notice…nothing! When your industrial business offices are properly cleaned, no one will notice. But if your industrial offices look anything less than spotless, you can be sure people will notice – and it’s not the kind of impression you want to make on people. Here are the industrial office cleaning services offered by Indy Office Keepers:

  • Floors: Industrial offices tend to more than one type of flooring. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find not only carpeting and/or laminates such as linoleum, but also hardwood floors and even concrete in some areas that are closest to where industrial work activities take place. Indy Office Keepers has the right equipment on-hand to address every type of flooring your industrial company may have. Our expert cleaning technicians have been thoroughly trained on the specific kinds of cleaning methods needed in the industrial setting, including the safe handling of industrial-strength cleaning products. And when your flooring needs an occasional deep-clean, stripping, waxing, or other treatment, contact us and we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Floor cleaning is one of our specialties!
  • Surfaces: The next-biggest challenge in keeping industrial offices clean is the rapid accumulation of dust and other particulates on nearly every surface. The various surfaces in your industrial offices need more frequent cleaning than other types of companies, plain and simple. At Indy Office Keepers, we take pride in leaving no surface untouched with our professional cleaning services. No one should ever look at a surface in your offices and wonder about the last time it was cleaned – and that includes the employees who spend time there on a daily basis. We’ll make sure all surfaces remain free of dust and dirt from counters, tabletops, and desks to filing cabinets, ceiling fans, light fixtures, shelving and more. Your employees will appreciate this attention to detail in their daily work environment.
  • Walls and Ceilings: Whether your industrial company’s offices have drywall, plaster, or exposed concrete or brick walls, Indy Office Keepers will keep your walls looking their very best. Rough wall surfaces can harbor all kinds of allergens from the industrial work that takes place near your business offices, but we’ll eliminate those contaminants with our detailed cleaning services. Your walls won’t just look clean, they will be clean.
  • Specialty Cleaning Services: Depending on the type of industrial work taking place near your business offices, you might have unique cleaning needs. Indy Office Keepers is ready to help. We’ll do a walk-through of your facilities to find out about the unique cleaning challenges you face and come up with a plan tailored to your needs. This is where our decades of experience really make us shine. We’ve handled every conceivable kind of cleaning you can imagine, and then some. And we think you’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be accomplished with our competitive pricing.

Industrial Office Cleaning Services Customized to Meet Your Needs

What sets Indy Office Keepers apart from other cleaning companies is simple: We take the time to get to know your business and its unique cleaning needs. Other companies might have a quick conversation with you on the phone and provide a quote simply based on the square footage of your offices. But how accurate can that quote be if they haven’t visited your industrial offices? How can they know what you need without touring your facilities and seeing first-hand what needs to be done? Our approach at Indy Office Keepers is about establishing a strong partnership with your company from the very beginning.

If you’re ready to work with a professional cleaning company that takes its reputation for affordable results as seriously as you take your own business, then you owe it to yourself to contact us to schedule a free quote. Give us a call at 317-577-6877 with any questions you may have or to schedule a free consultation to find out what Indy Office Keepers can do for your company!

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