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Professional Janitorial Services for Businesses in Carmel, Indiana

In the midst of a public health crisis, more and more businesses and organizations of all kinds are trying to reopen operations with health and safety in mind. Never before has the choice of a professional cleaning and janitorial service provider had so much riding on it. But in addition to that, janitorial services are about making the right impression on your company’s visitors, partners, customers, clients, and employees. Book a free consultation and get a quote from Indy Office Keepers if you’re ready for expert janitorial services for your Carmel business. Call us at 317-577-6877 to start the conversation! 

Making a Great First Impression at Your Business

You’ve no doubt heard that you only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to making sure your business or organization is properly cleaned (and these days, sanitized) isn’t the sort of thing most visitors are going to notice when it’s done right. What they will notice, however, is if something’s not clean, or if supplies in the restrooms are not fully stocked. When people use the bathrooms at your company, if they don’t have what they need (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and so on), this leaves a bad impression. And you might never have the chance to do better next time because there might never be a next time! You’ll make the right first impression every time when Indy Office Keepers is on the job with our janitorial service! Our experience is extensive, our expert professional cleaners are top-notch, our customer service is excellent, and our expertise on getting the job done right is unmatched in the central Indiana area. We’ve been serving the area’s commercial cleaning needs since 1978!

Additional Janitorial Services by Indy Office Keepers

While keeping bathrooms clean and stocked are at the core of our janitorial service, there are a number of other important pieces to the janitorial puzzle, including the following: 

  • Washing Windows: Your company’s windows should be free of all smudges and be sparkling clean. How frequently we wash your windows from the inside is your choice, whether it’s once or twice a week, every other week, or monthly. 
  • Removing Trash: Emptying the waste receptacles throughout your facilities or offices should typically happen on a daily basis. If your restrooms are a high-traffic area, trash removal may need to happen more than once during the day. We’ll work with you to determine a sensible trash removal schedule based on your needs.
  • Cleaning Floors: Daily vacuuming of carpets is a must. Hardwood and synthetic floors need a mop applied to them daily as well. Every type of flooring will need the occasional deep cleaning. We do carpet cleaning with special equipment to remove both dirt and allergens, and we can also strip and wax other types of flooring to restore them to their former glory.
  • Other Cleaning Services: Specialty cleaning can also be added to your contract if you have unique needs compared to other companies. We’ve been doing commercial cleaning long enough that we’ve cleaned literally anything and everything imaginable. We can tackle your unique cleaning project!

Companies and organizations throughout Indianapolis and its surrounding communities have come to rely on Indy Office Keepers because they know we do the job right every time. We take pride in good work, and our reputation is at stake each and every day as our employees fan out across the region to provide quality cleaning services to our clients.

Pandemic Conditions Require New Janitorial Services

Everyone throughout the USA and the world is waiting for safe, effective vaccines and treatments to emerge from the medical community in order to finally win the battle against the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s still not clear how soon any of that is going to happen. In the meantime, we know companies and organizations throughout the greater Indianapolis area are trying to keep their employees and their customers and partners safe from exposure to or the spread of the virus. Just cleaning the restrooms is no longer good enough. All those surfaces need to be sanitized as frequently as possible, and especially at the end of the day so everything is ready for the next day. After all, can you afford not to?

At Indy Office Keepers we’ve developed a whole new service to fully disinfect surfaces to help stop the spread of the virus. You can learn more about the details of this service in Sanitizing Surfaces and Touchpoints, and also find out more information concerning our overall approach to how we’re doing business during the pandemic in Moving Forward During a Pandemic: COVID-19 Response. For this special service the specific cleaning product used might change depending on availability, but it will always be one of the products listed as effective against the coronavirus by the CDC/EPA and/or the state of Indiana.

When Dirty Simply Won’t Do, Call the Pros at Indy Office Keepers!

In these troubled times, who are you going to trust to properly clean and disinfect your business or organization? You’ve read about the janitorial services we offer. You know we only hire dedicated, professional cleaning experts willing to undergo thorough training in our tools and techniques. Our commitment in any community is to provide the best possible commercial cleaning and janitorial services possible at a price your business or organization can afford. We’ll work with you and your budget to come up with a customized cleaning plan to meet your needs. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and get a free quote for our services. Call us at 317-577-6877. We’re here to help!

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