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Business office cleaning in Castleton, Indianapolis

If you’re looking for a cleaning partner to make sure your business office in Castleton stays clean and presentable in top shape for the people who work there and the individuals who visit, Office Keepers is the professional and efficient answer to make sure all of your needs are individually met by an expert team. We’ve provided high quality cleaning services to businesses throughout Castleton and all of Indianapolis for more than 30 years, and we’ve stayed in business so long because we understand the things that business owners want and need.

We’ve worked with businesses across multiple industries, including medical, logistics, warehousing, legal, accounting and beyond. Castleton is a hugely important area for businesses throughout the north side of Indianapolis; it’s where the day to day productivity of your staff is important and deals are done that can help shape the future of your company and the business landscape of Indianapolis. You’re dedicated to excellence across every other aspect of your business; be sure that when you look to clean your Castleton office it’s with the group that’s aimed at your happiness and satisfaction with the work that they do.

Receive expert services from Office Keepers for your Castleton Business office including:

Carpet Cleaning

In an office setting, your carpets are what employees and visitors walk on every day. With so much wear and tear on a regular basis, it’s natural that dirt and grime will seep in over time. Unfortunately, this can result in a dingy appearance as well as potential unpleasant stains or odors. With steam cleaning, we have a specialized process to get rid of years’ worth of dirt accumulation and make sure you can host meetings with confidence in the appearance of your office.

Floor Care

For other offices, you might have hard floors. These can be made of concrete, tile, wood or other materials. Office Keepers has mopping and cleaning services with team members who know how to best clean your floors, and we can work with you to make a schedule that keeps us out of your way while giving you the floors you want. Even if your floor is dull and scratched, our stripping, waxing and buffing services can give them a shine they may not have had for years and preserve them for the future.

Project Cleaning

In Castleton, there’s always a new office building being built. After the construction process is done, however, the building still needs to be cleaned before businesses can move in. We’re able to remove dirt, dust, debris and messes, making a new space immediately feel comfortable and sparkling. With decades of experience, we know what it takes to make a construction project into a ready-to-use office space.

Window Cleaning

Keep your windows streak free and beautiful with help from Office Keepers’ team. Having clean windows and glass doors makes your office building take on a more airy and modern appearance, and it can also mean making a bigger impression on visitors in the office for a meeting. By getting regular window cleaning services, you’ll be able to make sure that your business stands out and impresses.

Specialty Cleaning

Whether you want to seal a concrete floor, use specialized cleaning equipment for a specific purpose or get rid of debris, Office Keepers has more than 30 years of experience meeting a huge variety of needs for businesses throughout Castleton and beyond. We promise, whatever you need, you won’t be the first. We work with you, and our specialized personnel and equipment will be at your disposal whenever you’re looking to make the biggest impact on your office building.

Make sure your Castleton office space stands apart in quality, and stays clean on a reasonable budget and on a reasonable schedule. Contact Office Keepers today and begin the conversation.

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We carry out our responsibilities in a disciplined way, and offer a series of checks and balances so that you can be certain the work we do is always first-rate.

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