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Business Janitorial Services for Castleton, Indiana

Janitorial services have taken on a whole new level of urgency for businesses of all types due recent experiences during the pandemic. For the many commercial properties of Castleton, Indiana, Office Keepers is ready to help—and we’re even headquartered right here in Castleton! Give us a call at 317-577-6877 to book an initial consultation and get a free quote for professional janitorial services that make a difference!

The Commercial Hub of Castleton, Indiana

Castleton is a neighborhood of Indianapolis and is known as a busy commercial hub at the northeast corner of the beltway, tucked into the junction of I-465 and I-69. It is home to the largest mall in Indiana, Castleton Square, as well as a huge number of businesses such as banks, fast-food restaurants, fine dining establishments, retail shopping sites, hospitals and related health-care businesses, hotels, and many large office parks. In other words, there are many commercial properties that need quality cleaning services, including janitorial services. Office Keepers has been serving the cleaning and janitorial needs of businesses throughout Indianapolis and its surrounding communities for more than 30 years!

Making a Great First Impression: Only One Chance

You only get one chance to make a first impression on a customer or business partner. A clean facility may not be noticed by anyone, but if it’s not clean, you can bet it will be noticed and will leave a negative first impression. This is especially true when it comes to the restrooms at your business. Imagine someone walking into the bathroom and feeling like it’s not clean, or finding supplies have run out, such as soap, toilet paper, or paper towels. Few things can hurt your image more than having that happen. With Office Keepers on the job to provide the professional janitorial service you need, you’ll know your facilities are making the right first impression every time!

More than Just Clean During a Pandemic

Cleaning the restrooms and bathrooms of commercial properties requires a different kind of solution in the midst of a pandemic. People want to know that clean means disinfected and sanitized. Office Keepers has responded by creating a whole new service specifically designed for Sanitizing Surfaces and Touchpoints

The Scope of Janitorial Services Beyond Restrooms

While keeping bathrooms clean and stocked is a primary focus of janitorial services, there are other important aspects, including the following:

  • Window Washing: We’ll make sure your windows are sparkling and smudge-free as frequently as you desire. 
  • Trash Removal: Waste baskets need to be emptied at least daily, typically after hours. But if your commercial building or site is very busy, restrooms and other waste receptacles may need to be emptied multiple times throughout the day. We’ll help you determine the right frequency based on building usage.
  • Floors: Carpets should be vacuumed daily. Hardwood and synthetic floors should be mopped daily. And when floors need the occasional deep cleaning, we’ll do that as well, whether it’s carpet cleaning or stripping and waxing other types of flooring. 
  • Other Cleaning Services: We’ve handled all kinds of unique cleaning needs over the decades, and we’ll be happy to provide any specialty cleaning services you may need.

When Office Keepers is on the job, your janitorial and other cleaning services will be handled in a professional manner by our trained, licensed, and insured cleaning technicians.

Your Search for a Janitorial Solution in Castleton is Over!

Commercial properties and business buildings in Castleton needn’t spend a lot of time trying to find the right professional cleaning services solution because Office Keepers is right here in your backyard! Our headquarters are located at 8537 Bash Road, which means we’re only a few minutes from your location in Castleton.

We take a collaborative approach with every customer client to understand your needs, your schedule, and your budget. We’ll do a walk-through of your facilities to see what you’ve got and how it should be handled. Then we’ll create a customized cleaning and janitorial plan tailored to your specific needs and requirements and a free price quote so you’ll know exactly what our services will cost. Ready to get the ball rolling? You can get in touch by filling out the request a quote form on our website or always feel free to call us directly at 317-577-6877 to discuss your needs or schedule a free initial consultation and price quote.

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We carry out our responsibilities in a disciplined way, and offer a series of checks and balances so that you can be certain the work we do is always first-rate.

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