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Industrial Office Cleaning for Fishers Indiana by Office Keepers

There are a surprising number of industrial companies in and around Fishers, Indiana that have special industrial office cleaning needs that may vary widely by building. Office Keepers of Indianapolis has the expert knowledge to meet the industrial cleaning needs for all types of industrial offices. Call us at 317-577-6877 to find out how we can be the quality industrial cleaning solution provider your company needs to looks its very best for your customers, business partners, and employees. Office Keepers is commercial cleaning at its best!

Fishers Indiana: A Growing City

At the turn of the new millennium, Fishers Indiana was a modest, small city of 38,000. By the time the 2010 census was taken, it had more than doubled in size to a population of over 76,000. And in the past decade at least another 17,000 new residents have chosen Fishers as their home. It is now also home to more than 7,000 businesses that provide jobs to more than 70,000 employees. Some of those companies are manufacturing and industrial operations of various types that enjoy the close proximity to Indianapolis (just five miles from the metro area’s beltway and 16 miles to the heart of city) without all the drawbacks associated with a more urban setting for their work.

The hard-working companies in and around Fishers that need industrial office cleaning can turn to the professional service provided by Office Keepers, which is conveniently headquartered on Bash Street and a mere 10-minute drive from Fishers.

The Unique Cleaning Needs of Industrial Offices

To put it simply, industrial offices get dirtier faster because they’re attached to or near facilities where industrial work takes place, and dirt is tougher to clean than anything you’d find in retail or professional business offices. But Office Keepers has decades of experience in keeping industrial offices looking their very best. Just because the nature of the work is more industrial doesn’t mean you can’t have offices every bit as clean as other companies to make a good impression on visitors, customers, business partners, and your employees. No matter what challenges the building containing your company’s industrial offices poses, Office Keepers is your trusted professional, commercial cleaning services provider that can get the job done. We also serve companies located in nearby communities such as Noblesville, Westfield, and Carmel.

Office Keepers Industrial Office Cleaning Services

If your offices are dirty, people will notice. If they’re clean, people may or may not notice, but your employees certainly will, and they will appreciate the fact that you care enough to keep their workplace clean. Industrial offices take a different, tougher kind of commercial cleaning approach. We offer the following industrial office cleaning services:

  • Flooring: Multiple flooring types are common in industrial offices, whether carpet, hardwood, laminates, linoleum, tile, or bare concrete. We clean any type of flooring as frequently as desired. We can also schedule the occasional deeper carpet clean or stripping and waxing of other floor types as needed.
  • Surfaces: Industrial offices often accumulate dirt and dust faster, and Office Keepers will work with you to determine the frequency of general cleaning that includes all the common surfaces found throughout your offices.
  • Walls and Ceilings: We put walls and ceilings in a different category than other surfaces because they often pose more of a challenge in industrial offices. Walls may have more texture than other offices (especially exposed concrete and brick walls). We’ll get even these rougher surfaces clean to eliminate allergens and other contaminants.
  • Specialty Cleaning Services: In an initial consultation visit, we’ll tour your facilities and make note of any specialty cleaning services you may need. Every industrial office is unique, and yet Office Keepers has been in business long enough to have seen it all. If you’ve got it, we’ve probably cleaned something like it somewhere along the way. We have the cleaning expertise and the cleaning products to get the job done right at every client site.

You never have to worry about the quality of the service you receive from Office Keepers. Your satisfaction is the only thing we care about, which means you get high quality work every time. With Office Keepers, we put you in the driver’s seat. You have the ultimate say over which cleaning services you want and how often you want them completed. We can work around any schedule, including nights, weekends, and holidays. If you’re ready get a free consultation and quote, call Office Keepers at 317-577-6877 or fill out the Quote form on our website!

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