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Quality Janitorial Services for Businesses in Fishers, Indiana

If your business or organization is now open for business in spite of the public health crisis, you undoubtedly want to help protect everyone’s health and safety. Choosing a professional cleaning company now has more at stake than ever, and that includes all the routine aspects of janitorial services that help ensure your facilities make the right impression every time on everyone who spends time at your location, from customers to employees and business partners. Up your cleanliness game and book a free consultation with Indy Office Keepers and we’ll work up a free quote to provide the expert janitorial services your Fishers business requires. Just call 317-577-6877! 

The First Impression Your Business Makes: Only One Chance!

When your business or organization is concerned about its reputation, it’s worth remembering you only get one chance to make a first impression. Everything has to be right, including making sure everything is professionally cleaned on a regular basis. When you get the cleaning right, don’t be surprised if no one really notices. But if you miss the mark on cleanliness, you can guarantee it will leave the wrong impression, and you may never be able to do anything about it. People who use the restrooms at your location want to see that it’s clean and that everything they need is fully stocked, including toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. Establishing a strong working partnership with Indy Office Keepers means you’ll never have to worry about making the right first impression because our cleaning experts will be on the job. For more than 40 years we’ve been keeping things clean (and now, sanitized as well) throughout the communities of central Indiana, including Fishers!

A Full Range of Janitorial Services by Indy Office Keepers

Clean and fully stocked bathrooms are at the core of professional janitorial services, but there are a number of other components, including the following: 

  • Window Washing: Sparkling, smudge-free windows are a must. We can clean your windows from the inside weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 
  • Taking Out the Trash: All the waste receptacles in your business location should be emptied daily, and high-traffic areas might need attention multiple times a day.
  • Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care: We’ll vacuum your carpets and mop other types of floors every day. And when your floors need a deep cleaning, we’re ready with the right equipment and expertise to clean carpets as well as strip and wax other flooring types. 
  • Specialty Cleaning Services: If you have unusual or unique cleaning needs, we can help! We’ve literally seen and cleaned it all. We’re happy to take on any unique cleaning project you may have!

Businesses in the greater Indianapolis area who have partnered with Indy Office Keepers will tell you we get the job done right every time. We’re proud of our reputation and we’re ready to put our professional cleaning expertise to work for your company or organization.

Adapting Janitorial Services to Pandemic Conditions

It’s mind-boggling to see how an invisible, microscopic virus has brought the world to its knees so quickly. Safe, effective vaccines and treatments are being developed, but it’s still going to take a while before they become widely available. Until that happens, everyone still needs to do everything they can to slow and stop the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic. After all, we know you want to protect the health and safety of your employees and your customers as much as we do. In addition to normal cleaning services, what’s needed now is additional disinfecting and sanitization. Indy Office Keepers is meeting these new needs with a new service, which you learn more about in Sanitizing Surfaces and Touchpoints. We’re taking the pandemic seriously, and you can ready about our approach in Moving Forward During a Pandemic: COVID-19 Response. Any specific cleaning product used in this new service will be one of the products listed as effective against the virus by the CDC/EPA and/or the state of Indiana, though which product is used from these lists may change depending on availability.

Indy Office Keepers: Keepin’ It CLEAN Throughout Central Indiana

Don’t trust just anyone with cleaning your business location, offices, or facilities. There’s simply too much at stake, including the image and impression your business makes, not to mention the health and safety of your customers and employees while the pandemic continues. Our company’s professional cleaning experts have been doing it right since 1978! You can book a free consultation to go over your cleaning needs and get a free quote for our janitorial services. Call 317-577-6877 to get the conversation started today!

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