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Business Office Cleaning Services for Greenwood Indiana

Indy Office Keepers has been helping businesses throughout the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area put their best foot forward with our highly professional business office cleaning service. We work with you and your budget to design a cleaning plan that will meet your needs affordably. Our team is ready to help! Call us at 317-577-6877 to learn more about everything we offer and to schedule a free consultation to discuss your cleaning needs!

Greenwood is Growing!

For the past decade, Greenwood Indiana has been adding at least 1,000 new residents each year. With a population now around 60,000, Greenwood’s growth is understandable. After all, it’s located directly south of Indianapolis and you can drive to downtown Indy in less than 30 minutes if the traffic is light, so you can get more of a smaller-town feel while still being close enough to the resources (and jobs) of the big city. With Greenwood’s steady growth in population has come growth in the number of businesses located here, which means more business offices that all need to be cleaned properly to maintain the right image with employees, customers, and business partners! 

Image is Important for Greenwood Business Offices

A surprising number of business offices don’t realize how important this is. A business office that is sparkling clean will probably never be the object of any comments or compliments, but you can bet that people would notice (and comment) if it weren’t clean. The right cleaning service will ensure your business offices are always looking their very best. Indy Office Keepers is ready to handle all the professional cleaning services needed by Greenwood businesses. We’ll take the time to get to know your business, its facilities, your cleaning needs, and your budget. We treat you like a partner from day one who needs the right cleaning services delivered when you need them and at a price point you can afford. Quality work is the name of our game, and we love going the extra mile for each customer. 

Menu of Business Office Cleaning Services from Indy Office Keepers

The cleaning plan we create in collaboration with you is unique and customized depending on your needs, budget, frequency of service, and which specific services you need. The basic cleaning services and solutions you can choose from include the following:

  • General Office Cleaning: Take us on a tour of your building(s) so we can see what needs cleaned. We’ll also discuss with you how frequently you want cleanings to take place. With that information, we can put together a custom plan and give you a price quote we think will surprise you—in a pleasant way!
  • Carpet Cleaning: Got carpeting? We’ll clean it! We can do regular vacuuming as well as the occasional deep cleaning with specialized equipment when needed.
  • Janitorial Services: If your business offices are big enough to require janitorial services to ensure restrooms are clean and well-stocked at all times, we can add that service in as well. 
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning: For your non-carpeted flooring of any type, we’ll keep them looking great for your employees and your customers. We can handle linoleum, vinyl, tile, and many other types of flooring. 
  • Construction Cleaning: The post-renovation or new construction cleanup process requires particular attention before you occupy the space. Contractors will do light clean-up, but you’ll want a full deep clean, and Office Keepers is ready to provide this service.
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing: When your hardwood or synthetic floors need a full refresh by being stripped and waxed, Office Keepers will restore your floors to their former glory.
  • Window Washing: Whether its door glass, internal windows, or the insides of your exterior windows, Indy Office Keepers will make every window sparkle to leave the right impression on employees, customers, and visitors. 

Pandemic Response Cleaning for Greenwood Business Offices

Needless to say, as the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic continues to not only have no end sight, but worsen in many parts of the country, we know businesses are more concerned than ever to have their offices deep-cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent basis than they would in non-pandemic conditions. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines for Businesses and Workplaces, including specific and extensive guidelines for Office Buildings

The role Indy Office Keepers can play for your business is with new services we are offering to help protect the health and safety of your employees. You can read about our overall approach in Moving Forward During a Pandemic: COVID-19 Response. And you can find out more about specific pandemic services in Sanitizing Surfaces and Touchpoints. And the cleaning product we use will be one from the approved lists published by the state of Indiana or the EPA. 

Ready for Professional Cleaning Services at Your Greenwood Business?

We have many years of experience providing cleaning solutions to every type of business, companies of every shape and size, and within all kinds of industries, so whatever your business is or needs, you can bet we’ve seen it and cleaned somewhere along the way. When we’re on the job, you know it’ll be done right, every time (something the competition can rarely claim)! Call Indy Office Keepers today at 317-577-6877 for a free price quote to meet your business office cleaning needs or fill out the Quote form on our website.

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