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Janitorial Services for Greenwood Indiana Companies

Whether you’re a retail business, a professional office, or any other kind of company, you have some mix of employees, customers, vendors, and business partners who come to your location, which means having restrooms and bathrooms available. Few things are worse than anyone finding out the hard way that essential supplies have run out, or that the facilities appear less than sparkling clean. Indy Office Keepers can provide your business or offices with professional janitorial services that not only make sure all supplies are stocked, but also keep the facilities spic and span, including pandemic disinfectant protocols. Call us at 317-577-6877 to arrange a consultation and get a free quote!

Greenwood Indiana: Growing Year by Year into a Bustling City

Did you know that once upon a time Greenwood was commonly called Smocktown? The nickname came from some of the first European settlers to call the area home back in the early 1820s, namely brothers John and Isaac Smock, who built a cabin on land now occupied by Greenwood Park Mall. Situated directly south of Indianapolis, Greenwood has been growing by more than 1,000 new residents each and every year for the past decade. The good news is that the growing city has taken a smart approach in managing its growth. It also turns out that more and more businesses are finding Greenwood to be a choice location—and they all need professional cleaning and janitorial services to meet the needs of anyone and everyone who comes to their facilities. 

Indy Office Keepers: Janitorial Services Done Right

Meeting the needs of each employee, customer, or business partner in your facility means ensuring clean and fully operational restrooms. If your location is busy, the professional janitorial staff of Indy Office Keepers can check your bathrooms for cleanliness as well as restock supplies such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, along with addressing any mechanical issues with dispensers for those items. Intermittent cleaning of bathroom surfaces such as sinks, counters, and toilet seats, along with mopping floors and emptying trash bins, will happen on a schedule that matches up with building occupancy and use. A contract with Office Keepers for your Greenwood business means that you’ll enjoy clean and fully stocked bathrooms without ever worrying about the quality or the timeliness of the task.

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “janitor” are the memories they have of janitorial staff back in the days of K-12 schooling. But the truth of the matter is that every business, company, or organization needs janitorial services to put their best foot forward both for the general public and for their own employees and members. When workers see their employer cares enough to hire and pay for quality janitorial services, it boosts their morale and makes them more productive. And while the public may not ever comment on the cleanliness of your restrooms, you can bet they will complain loudly if supplies have run out or the facilities are anything less than sparkling clean. With the reliable janitorial experts of Indy Office Keepers on the job, you’ll have the peace of mind that the job is being done right every time. 

Janitorial Services in a time of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic has everyone wanting to know that restrooms and bathroom facilities are being more than just “cleaned.” This is not the time to cut corners! Staying safe and healthy during a pandemic means you want to know bathrooms are being fully sanitized with disinfectant at least once a day, maybe more if it’s a busy facility. The professional janitorial services of Indy Office Keepers can (and should) include our newest service offering to fully disinfect restrooms to help stop the spread of the virus. You can read the details in Sanitizing Surfaces and Touchpoints, and learn more about our overall approach during these troubled times in Moving Forward During a Pandemic: COVID-19 Response. Rest assured that whatever disinfectant we use, it will be one that has been approved by the CDC/EPA and/or the state of Indiana. 

Professional Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Greenwood

The janitorial staff of Office Keepers is a hardworking crew of expert cleaning professionals who understand the value of a job done right. You see, we aren’t a franchise operation that treats like just another client to quickly serve and move on to the next. At Office Keepers, we treat you like a long-term partner from day one. It begins by getting to know your business or organization, your janitorial needs, and your budget. Once we get a feel for these, we’ll customize a janitorial services plan to meet your needs at a cost point we think you’ll love, along with top-notch customer service throughout the life of the contract. 

Our janitorial services are highly customizable, but also flexible. If you need to make changes to your customized plan, all you have to do is drop us a line and let us know. Our well-trained janitorial technicians are also available to perform their work whenever you need it, whether that’s discreet during normal business hours, in the hours before opening and after closing, or even in the middle of the night if that’s what best suits you. We are all about providing solutions to meet your unique needs and requirements. Ready to get the reliable janitorial expertise your facility needs? Give Indy Office Keepers a call at 317-577-6877 for an initial consultation or fill out the Quote form on our website.

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