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Janitorial Services

For businesses of all sizes, having regular janitorial services is critical to a happy, productive workplace. By contracting with a cleaning service that specializes in maintaining office space, your business can enjoy clean, fully stocked bathrooms, break areas, and work spaces. When an office is clean, workers are free to concentrate on their own daily tasks.

While many are familiar with janitors in a school setting, they don’t realize that these professionals are working diligently in office complexes, churches, and organizations each day. With a good janitorial service, workers may not even notice the workers behind the scenes, making spaces spotless and removing garbage from trash cans each day. Here are a few of the main janitorial services offices can expect.

Bathroom Cleaning and Stocking

A clean bathroom is essential to keeping a workplace functioning smoothly each day. Our janitorial service will regularly check bathrooms throughout the day to ensure paper products are well stocked. In addition to refilling toilet paper and paper towel rolls, our crews will also ensure each dispenser rolls freely, clearing jams that can be common with paper dispensers.

Throughout the day, our staff will intermittently work to keep surfaces clean and dry, including sinks and toilet seats. On a scheduled basis, we will also sweep and mop floors. As wastebaskets begin to fill up, we will replace bags to make sure bins don’t overflow.

Window Cleaning

In many offices, windows give workers their only view of the world outside the office. For this reason, it’s important all windows be kept clean and smudge-free as often as possible. Many offices find it isn’t necessary to have all windows cleaned on a daily basis, so janitor services take care of cleaning windows once or twice a week as requested by the business.

For high traffic areas, businesses often opt for a regular janitorial cleaning. This may include a front door made of full-length glass or a customer service window that sees customer traffic throughout the day. Keeping these windows clean can be vital to making a good first impression.

Trash Removal

Employees should feel free to toss garbage into office trash cans, so regular garbage removal is important. Janitors can remove trash from individual offices, break areas, public access areas, and bathrooms as specified by the business.

When choosing an office janitorial service, businesses should be clear about which services they want and how often they’ll want them. This schedule can be tweaked as needs change, so don’t feel as though you’re locked into a permanent contract by asking for certain services only once or twice a week.

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