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Office Cleaning Services Near Me in Indianapolis

Hello from Office Keepers, an Indianapolis-based professional cleaning company that has provided everything businesses need to keep a clean and successful office since 1988. We’ve worked with businesses in Indianapolis and beyond for more than 30 years, and our expert team always provides services with professionalism, efficiency and quality. We work with you to find the services that your business needs, and clean on a schedule that doesn’t interfere with your process and efficiency. If you’re in Indianapolis and looking for regular cleaning near you, we’re the partner you can trust to do it and do it right.

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The Difference a Clean Office Makes

When your employees or clients come into your office environment, the first impression you give to them is one that sticks with them and colors their impression of your company. For this reason, it’s important to be sure that when they see your office for the first time it projects cleanliness, professionalism and efficiency.

Details like grimy or dingy carpets, smudged or dull windows, dirty hard surface floors, too-full trash cans and unclean bathrooms are all too common for operations that don’t have professional cleaning partners, and they make a poor impression on visitors and workers alike. Visitors see the space of a company as a reflection of who they are. Some places are meant to look sleek and futuristic, others should simply look tidy and well-maintained. If this isn’t achieved, clients or prospective clients could be less than impressed with the overall outlook of a business. For employees as well, working in a place that doesn’t feel clean or nice to be in can impact overall satisfaction and proactivity.

Our Office Cleaning Services

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Whether your office operates with carpeting or more industrial flooring, it’s important to be sure that these surfaces are clean and free of dirt, grime or debris. Stripping, waxing and buffing floors can return even the dingiest hard surfaces to their original beauty after years of use, and with specialized steam extraction we can remove years of accumulated dirt from carpeting. For less intensive needs, we can vacuum, mop and wax on a regular schedule as negotiated with our clients to keep flooring clean and fresh.

Window Cleaning

No matter what type of windows or how many your office has, it’s important to make sure that these are as clean as possible. Clean windows let in light and provide an open and breezy impression, instead of dingy and locked-in, and we wash inside and out to be sure your office feels as bright and open as possible.

Dusting and Trash Removal

The small details might not be noticed individually, but when they add up they can make or break an impression of being a clean and tidy space. Dusting and trash removal are so important for any business, because these show that the little details are taken care of.

Janitorial Services

When employees or visitors enter your office’s workspaces, break rooms and bathrooms, you’ll want to be sure that these are clean and well-stocked. We customize the janitorial services to your request, ensuring that your needs are met while not charging for anything you don’t need.

Customizable Scheduling

Our customized cleaning services are also available on customized scheduling. No matter the frequency of your cleaning needs, from one day per week to every day, our expert cleaning staff are available 24 hours a day to provide the services you need with minimal disruption to your business.

A History of Service

We’ve been the office-cleaning service in Indianapolis that countless business owners have trusted for decades. We’ve worked hard to build an earned reputation of being an efficient, thorough and effective cleaning service, and we’re dedicated to making Indianapolis business owners place their faith in us. Contact us today, and let’s start talking about how we can make your office shine.

Office cleaning can’t change a business by itself, but when other things are run well and the office is well-maintained with quality cleaning services then it can provide a real boost to the look and feel of a company or building.